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To remember the cyclists killed on British Roads
This award winningpirit of  Moondance, SFestival Prize, was shown at several animation Festivals including "Best of British' at Brief Enclounters.


Hello has sound but you do have to switch it on yourself.

Bike was drawn using conté crayon on paper. The other two are drawn by hand with a stylus and pressure sensitive tablet using Flash MX

Alphabet Written and drawn by Min Cooper with music and sound by Keith Wright 2004

An award winning animation shown in many European and North American Film Festivals including The Best of British section at Brief Encounters Bristol and winning the Spirit of Moondance award at the Moondance Festival.

Bike Written and drawn by Min Cooper  with music by Ray Cooper

Was made as part of a campaign to draw attention to and remember the many cyclists killed and injured on our roads. 

It appeared as part of an exhibition made up of artworks  by Artists who share their name with a car.

The frustrations of everyday and some solutions?
The Diary of Ms Ann Thrope

The Diary of Ms Ann Thrope


Written and drawn by Min Cooper with sound and music by Keith Wright.

This short animation was shown in several European and North American Festivals including the Best of British Section of Brief Encounters

A play on words that sound the same but have different meanings
A Yarn

A Yarn 2006 Written and drawn by Min Cooper, Original score Keith Wright, Narrated by Ray Cooper, Recorded at Redwood Studio by Andre Jaquemin.

Shown at many film festivals including Annecy and the Zebra poetry Festival Berlin.

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